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Differences between indoor playground equipment and inflatable castles

When we want to do business for children, we usually consider indoor playground equipment and inflatable castles. Many first-time people are not familiar with these two children's recreational facilities. They don't know the difference between indoor playground equipment and inflatable castles. This is a brief comparison and introduction of the two projects.

1. The materials they use
The main materials of indoor recreation equipment are plastic, multi-layer MDF, PVC soft bag and international galvanized steel pipe. The inflatable castle is made of PVC mesh. It can be seen that the inflatable castle is a large-scale recreational equipment, inflated by PVC mesh. It is determined by the tension of the centrifugal fan. The pressure difference between inside and outside the film. Inflatable castles are lighter than indoor playgrounds.

2. Major project differences
The inflatable castle contains a series of relatively simple recreational activities, mainly including inflatable trampoline and inflatable climbing pavilion. On the other hand, children's indoor recreational equipment includes various recreational activities, including slides, sand balls, swimming pools, ocean balls, electric software recreational equipment, trampoline, climbing racks, cages, boreholes, rainbow nets and hundreds of other entertainment activities which are attractive to children. Generally speaking, children's indoor amusement equipment is more interesting and can play for children.

3. Website Differences
The inflatable castle is installed outdoors. Such as square, park, etc. For this reason, inflatable castles will be affected by climate factors and can only operate seasonally. You can't use it when it rains. Children's indoor amusement equipment is mainly installed indoors. Such as shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. So its operation is not affected by weather and season, they can run all the time.

4. Capital investment
The inflatable castle is made of PVC mesh. There is no need to build frames and decorative rooms. So the cost is very low. But the internal structure of children's indoor amusement equipment is very complex. Internal entertainment is much more than inflatable castles. So the construction cost is relatively high.

5. Equipment safety
The framework of children's indoor playground equipment is firmly connected to the ground, and there is no overall collapse. The bracket of indoor amusement equipment is an international galvanized steel pipe with a diameter of 48MM. It has a strong bearing capacity and is not easy to bend and deform. It is tightly connected to the ground, with almost no collapse. An inflatable castle is an inflatable device. Once encountering windy weather, its risk factors can be said to be a straight line.

In many places, there have been major safety incidents. One of the inflatable castles was blown by the wind or the explosion of an inflatable trampoline, causing children to fall or even fall. The framework of children's indoor recreational equipment and all other recreational facilities is manufactured and installed in strict accordance with child safety standards. That is to say, the amusement equipment itself is very safe. As long as the operator often checks and eliminates the malfunction of all kinds of amusement equipment in time, the children can also operate strictly according to the operation rules of amusement equipment, basically no safety accidents will occur.

Based on the above, we can easily see that the early investment of inflatable castle is very small and the investment risk is very low. However, the economic benefits are relatively poor and the risk of safety accidents is relatively high. Despite the large investment in the previous period, the investment risk of children's indoor amusement equipment is relatively high, but the economic benefits are relatively good. Indoor amusement park equipment in the early investment, high risk of investment. However, sufficient passenger flow, convenient transportation, comfortable and safe recreational environment and rich entertainment experience make inflatable castle more popular with children and parents.
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