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Points for Attention in Purchasing Children's Playground Equipment

What should we pay attention to when buying children's playground equipment?

First of all, investors or operators need to be clear that any equipment props are for the operation and experience of services, do not blindly stack large equipment. Many investors are optimistic that as long as the venue plans more high-tech experience shops, aircraft, motor vehicles, submarines, tanks, NASA... Put it all in, it will attract children, improve passenger flow, but according to market research, this will eventually degenerate into a gimmick. Any children's professional experience hall must first plan out the experience stores, and then determine the equipment, props and materials that need to be purchased according to each experience store.

Secondly, procurement should grasp the time cycle. Investors confirm that the project is feasible, as long as the property is guaranteed, the preparation period should be shortened as far as possible, not only to save costs, but also to seize the market opportunities. Therefore, the preparation period of many venues is only half a year or even four months. A children's professional experience hall with 30 occupations needs to purchase equipment, props and materials. It needs more than 1500 kinds of equipment, props and materials. The time urgency can be imagined. A well-known IT person once said that "I can solve any technical problem if I give enough time", but the last thing I lose is time. Therefore, venues should learn to take "shortcuts" and hand the procurement link to the operator of the whole case, all aspects can be well guaranteed.

Finally, after-sales service should not be neglected, especially large-scale equipment and information systems. The purchase of equipment and props in Children's Vocational Experience Hall is not like buying a house or a car, as long as there are no major problems or major accidents. At the beginning of the opening of the venue, the number of people experiencing often reaches saturation, while the tutor is in the early stage of operation, and the children are full of novelty and curiosity about it. Therefore, it is easy to have problems and affect the normal use. This requires that large-scale equipment must have perfect after-sales service.

It is not easy to build a children's professional experience hall, but it is even more difficult to purchase equipment and props.

Therefore, we must be able to do a good survey in the early stage, cooperate with the professional team best, multiple insurance to protect the quality of the project and the future operation.
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