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Cleaning and Maintenance of Amusement Equipment in Indoor Children's Playground

Maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of indoor children's playground can leave a good impression on parents, win the favor of customers, enhance the loyalty and stickiness of customers, and benefit the long-term operation of indoor children's playground. So, how should we maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of indoor children's playgrounds?

The hygiene work of indoor children's playground is mainly divided into two parts: the cleaning work of the playground and the cleaning work of the playground equipment. The cleaning work of the site is relatively simple, so it will not be repeated here. Here we mainly talk about the cleaning of indoor children's playground amusement equipment, hoping to help you.

Indoor children's playground is a children's activity center formed by scientific combination of many recreational equipment. There are many kinds of recreational equipment and different materials used. When we usually clean the amusement equipment, if we do not do the cleaning work according to the material of the amusement equipment, it is not conducive to the development of cleaning work, and even shorten the service life of the amusement equipment. Here are some main cleaning methods for recreational equipment:

I. Ocean sphere

Ocean ball is the most common amusement equipment in indoor children's playground. Because it is loved by children, it is also the most dirty amusement equipment among many amusement equipment. For indoor children's playground operators, it is not easy to clean a large number of ocean balls.

Gaudi warmly reminds us that if the number of ocean balls is not particularly large, we can use soap water, laundry powder, disinfectant and other dilutions to soak, scrub with a soft cloth, and then rinse with clean water. Finally, dry it with a dry cloth.

If the number of ocean balls is particularly large, then we recommend the use of ocean ball cleaners. The ocean ball cleaner can not only clean, disinfect and dry the ocean ball, but also work efficiently and save us a lot of time.

2. Entertainment Equipment Made of Soft Package Material
Rainbow ladder, PVC guaranteed, soft package doll house, platform, level amusement equipment, open skateboard, ball pool or sand pool enclosure, Zhiyong big pass and so on, these are soft package materials. For these recreational equipment, we can wipe off the surface dirt with a wet cloth soaped with soap water, then wipe it with a cloth stained with disinfectant water, then wipe the dirt away with a clean wet cloth, and finally wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

3. Playground equipment made of plastic materials
Plastic playground equipment such as slides, Trojans and cars are also common in indoor children's playgrounds. For small and movable amusement equipment such as Trojans and cars, we can scrub them directly with soapy water; for large and immovable amusement equipment such as slides, we can scrub them with wet cloth soaped with soapy water.

4. Sand Pools
The cleaning work of sand pond is mainly divided into two parts. Sand shoveling tools in the sand pool are basically plastic parts. We can dilute them with soap water and disinfectant water, soak them, and then scrub them with a rag. For the "sand" in the sand pool, we should clean up the contaminated sand (the sand stained with urine or vomit) in time, so as not to be mixed into the clean sand. In addition, we should often take the sand to the sun for sunshine and sterilization.

5.EPP building blocks
EPP building blocks can be screwed dry with a wet rag. For some dirty areas, we can use a wet cloth with soapy water to scrub, then use a clean wet cloth to scrub again, and finally, dry the water with a dry cloth and put it in the vent to blow dry.

6. Electric amusement equipment
The cleaning of electric equipment must be very careful. First of all, to ensure that the cleaning work is carried out under the premise of power failure, in order to avoid accidents such as electric shock. Secondly, the electric equipment can only be scrubbed and not washed, so as to avoid water flowing into the equipment, affecting its normal operation. Finally, after cleaning the electric equipment, we must wait until it is dry before turning on the power supply.

In the daily operation, some indoor children's playground operators often neglect the cleaning of the playground equipment. In the long run, the surface of amusement equipment will become stained, and the indoor children's playground will gradually lose its original luster. In this way, not only will parents worry about the safety of children's amusement, leading to the loss of customers, it will also shorten the service life of amusement equipment to some extent.
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