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Can you protect your child with water inflatable toys? wrong! Come listen to what the anti-smashing

Can you protect your child with water inflatable toys? wrong

Upstream journalists interviewed several parents randomly, and they generally had the idea that children would wear a swim ring or use inflatable equipment to be safe. The on-site flood prevention professional instructor explained that such an idea is wrong. “Inflatable plastic water toys and swimming rings are not professional floating equipment. They are temporary floating aids for water. When the water changes or the child leaves the tool, the danger may occur.”

The instructor reminded parents that common accidents are inflatable water toys, swimming rings that suddenly turn over the child's head or air-filled equipment leaks, so parents should keep in mind that these devices are just swimming aids, not professional life-saving devices. There is no single tool that can replace parental monitoring of children.

Struggling for help immediately after drowning? wrong

During the drill, a suspected drowning person was slammed into the water, and a patrolling policeman “splashed” into the water. He took a head-up crawling swim and quickly approached the drowning person and appeased, then snorkeled to the back, holding the eyes and breaststroke. shore.

The instructor explained and explained how to save people. "Reassure the drowning people, don't panic, relax the whole body and let the body float." And the drowning person should cooperate with the rescuer's password to start self-help: "Pay attention to the head surface. Kicking the water and discovering someone on the shore calling for help immediately."

The instructor stressed that if there is an accident, if the situation is not allowed by the outside world, you can't open your mouth to call for help immediately, otherwise you will quickly drown. Once the face is buried in the water, causing mouth and nose to drown, it is difficult to ask for help and miss the best time to rescue.

The most scientific way is to find yourself drowning, calm down first, don't blindly open your mouth and struggle to cry for help. You should try your best to look up and kick your legs, keep the floating state without water, and convey the distress signal through your hands and gestures.

Can you save the water hand in hand? wrong

How to rescue drowning people? The staff of the live demonstration gave the children a lesson. "Every year, there will be hand-in-hand rescues, which will lead to the tragedy of drowning in the group. In April this year, more than a dozen junior high school students went to Yongfeng Town, Pucheng County, Weinan, Shaanxi. In the Luohe River, about 3 kilometers west of Tangjiabao Village, one girl accidentally fell into the water, and another girl went to save the water, and the result was one death and one loss.

“Why is this happening?” The staff explained, “In fact, this kind of hand-to-hand rescue method has the highest mortality rate. Because after forming a “human chain”, once someone breaks the “balance” due to lack of physical strength, it will make more People fall into the water! Especially for children, hand in hand to save people, but will make more people lose their lives."

Remember the four-word principle to save people: call, fight, find, record

So, how do you find out how others are rescued?

The police stressed that primary and secondary school students have limited physical strength and lack of experience in drowning rescue. It is recommended that even if they have good water quality, they should not blindly rescue them. Should follow the four principles of "call, fight, find, record", that is, call others to participate in the rescue at the first time, quickly dial 110 for help, dial 120 emergency calls as appropriate, and look for lifebuoys, bamboo poles, ropes and other rescue tools, on the shore Try to rescue. At the same time, remember the location of the drowning person. If you carry your mobile phone and camera with you, you can take a picture of the drowning position, so that the rescue force that comes later can refer to the rescue. Subsequently, the instructor and the children discussed how to implement the life-saving rod, the lifebuoy, the life-saving rope, and how the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was performed during the cardiac arrest of the drowning person.

Parent Zhang Guirong told the upstream journalist, "This experience is very rewarding, correcting common sense mistakes and misunderstandings of drowning rescue. It is very meaningful for the police to organize such flood prevention and safety experience activities."

It is reported that in order to further strengthen the publicity and education of summer youth flood prevention, prevent and reduce the occurrence of students' drowning accidents, and ensure the safety of students and the stability of the campus, in accordance with the "Chongqing Municipal People's Government General Office's Notice on Doing a Good Job in Youth Flood Control Work", the Municipality The Public Security Bureau issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Safety and Security Work of the Summer Campus" and the "Notice on Further Strengthening the 29 Key Measures for Service Schools", requiring the district and county public security bureaus to constantly tighten the string of safety and keep the bottom line thinking at all times. Solidly grasp the work of students to prevent flooding.

According to statistics, since the summer vacation this year, the city's public security organs have carried out 2,369 flood prevention and publicity education, distributed 331,264 propaganda materials, and dispatched police forces to guard 13,000 people/times in dangerous sections and waters. As of August 5, the city’s summer youths died of drowning. Event 5, a significant year-on-year decline.
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