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Nine Benefits of Regular Maintenance of Gymnasium Fitness Equipment

Any machine will be damaged for a long time, and regular maintenance is to detect the operation of the machine from time to time, in order to avoid unnecessary damage! Not only gym fitness equipment needs regular maintenance, household equipment also needs regular maintenance and maintenance, and can be used more assured.

Compared with household fitness equipment, the maintenance of gym fitness equipment is more important, which is not only from the maintenance of fitness equipment, but also the main consideration of the operation of the gym. Let's take a look at the benefits of fitness equipment maintenance.

1. Maintenance can improve the service life of fitness equipment; according to statistics, the average service life of fitness equipment that has been regularly maintained is at least 3 years longer than that of equipment that has never been maintained.

2. Maintenance can ensure the normal operation of fitness equipment and reduce the failure rate. According to statistics, 80% of the failures of fitness equipment that have not been maintained can be found in time before the failure. If found and handled in advance, the failure can be avoided or expanded.

3. Equipment manufacturers have expensive maintenance fees and spare parts. Maintenance can improve the service life of fitness equipment components, thereby reducing maintenance times and saving maintenance costs.

4. Maintenance can save electricity; according to statistics, the power consumption of equipment for maintenance is 20% higher;

Fifth, the maintenance of fitness equipment reduces blindness and passivity, and improves pertinence and initiative to avoid unnecessary costs.

6. Maintenance can grasp the hidden dangers of fitness equipment in advance, so as to reduce the workload of emergency repair after failure and shorten the time of emergency repair.

7. Regular maintenance of motors, electronic controls and machinery can prevent accidents in the future and reduce personal injury caused by circuit and mechanical faults (short circuit, leakage, mechanical shedding) of fitness equipment.

8. Maintenance keeps fitness equipment fresh for a long time, makes the machine run more smoothly, and makes the equipment more ornamental and manipulative.

9. According to reliable statistics, every 2 yuan spent on the maintenance of fitness equipment can save 8 yuan in maintenance costs.
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