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Introduction to Maintenance of Fitness Equipment

Attention should be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of sports fitness equipment

Exercise fitness equipment needs correct maintenance to be able to use longer, and more safe in use, to avoid danger in sports, in addition, it can also reduce the cost of maintenance, in short, it is necessary to maintain sports equipment.

How to Maintain Fitness Equipment

1.Dynamic equipment

In the process of exercise and entertainment, the equipment moving together with human movement is called dynamic sports equipment, such as treadmill, waist twister, space Walker and so on. Several points should be paid attention to in the maintenance of this kind of equipment:

(1) The refueling of sports parts is used in outdoor fitness equipment for grease lubrication, and most of them are completely sealed. This kind of equipment is best refuelled once a year for maintenance. It is especially pointed out here that the outdoor equipment is not suitable for the use of thin oil lubrication.

(2) The clearance of moving parts; the clearance of moving parts of fitness equipment is generally designed to be 0.001-0.002 times the diameter of the rotating shaft. If the clearance is too small, it will be easy to jam when heat is generated in motion, and if the clearance is too large, it will easily cause vibration and damage parts. General fitness equipment in maintenance should check the movement gap of sports parts, because of the use of too long time or high frequency of use, resulting in too large movement gap, should immediately replace the relevant parts, or notify the relevant manufacturers.

(3) Anti-loosening of fasteners; in outdoor fitness equipment, the fasteners with anti-loosening structure are generally used, but there are also individual equipment installed without the fasteners with anti-loosening structure, users should promptly bring this situation to the relevant manufacturers. The anti-loosening structure of fasteners can be divided into detachable anti-loosening structure and disposable anti-loosening structure, which should be distinguished before maintenance.

(4) Anti-rust and anti-corrosion; Community fitness equipment is generally installed and used outdoors, so it should be carried out once a year anti-rust maintenance work. In the process of anti-rust maintenance, attention should be paid to polishing the paint on the original equipment before refreshing the paint. In addition, according to the characteristics of dynamic equipment, cleaning and degreasing should be done around the moving parts to ensure the bonding strength between paint and equipment.

2.Static equipment

Static sports equipment, such as horizontal and parallel bars, ladders, balance beam, etc., is always in a static state in the process of exercise and entertainment. The maintenance of such equipment should pay attention to several points:

(1) Welding seam of equipment; a large part of static equipment is welded to connect components. Because the equipment is affected by various external forces in the use process, welding cracks may occur at the welding site. Maintenance personnel and users of the equipment should pay attention to the situation of the welding site frequently and inform relevant personnel to take measures to ensure the safe use of the equipment when cracks are found.

(2) The degree of elastic deformation of the stressed parts; the equipment will be deformed after being subjected to force. When the external force of the equipment disappears, the deformation of the equipment also disappears, which is called elastic deformation. On the contrary, after the exterior force of the equipment disappears, the deformation of the equipment does not disappear, and this deformation has exceeded the elastic deformation range of the equipment. Maintenance personnel should timely detect this situation and notify the relevant personnel to replace parts or the whole equipment.

(3) The loosening of fixed structure; Fitness equipment should be fixed when it is installed, and the loosening of fixed structure will occur on static and dynamic equipment.
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