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Cautions for Installation of Indoor Children's Playground Equipment

Everyone knows that the safety of children's playgrounds is very important. Investors are not only choosing and installing quality guaranteed children's play equipment, but also installing equipment is the key that can not be ignored. If the equipment of children's amusement park is not properly installed, it will not only lose its beauty, but also easily break down. It will not only hurt children's interest in playing, but also threaten their personal safety. So investors need to pay attention when installing equipment! Below for you to explain what problems should be paid attention to when installing children's paradise equipment.

1. Firmness of equipment
In the installation process of indoor children's amusement park, we should not only ensure the normal operation of all amusement equipment, but also pay attention to the overall safety and firmness. When installing, fasteners such as screws must be tightened, connectors between amusement equipment must be tightened, and brackets built from galvanized steel tubes must also be fixed. After installation, check carefully to see if there are any omissions. It's better to experience all the amusement equipment one by one and repair the weak places in time.

2. No sharp objects
In the process of installation, we must pay attention to the fact that sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous prominent objects are not allowed to exist in places accessible to tourists. Children's self-protection consciousness is very weak, and they will knock, touch or scratch if they are not careful. Therefore, when installing, the harder or sharper part of the amusement equipment must be wrapped in a bag to avoid the injury of the child.

3. Gaps between equipment
Between the two amusement equipment, or between the amusement equipment and the wall, between the amusement equipment and the bracket, these connection places inevitably appear cracks. If the gap is too large, the child can easily fall into the gap and get stuck in the process of playing. Therefore, the gap between amusement equipment, or between amusement equipment and other equipment must be avoided.

4. Slope and installation of protective net
There will be certain gradients between children's amusement equipment such as slide, climbing frame, Mini pendulum, pirate boat and the ground. For children's amusement safety and accident prevention, these gradients are not too big. There is also the installation of protective net, which is an indispensable safety barrier in indoor children's paradise. The platforms on the second floor and above, the side of the slide, the surrounding of the trampoline and so on, all of these locations need to be installed with protective nets, which must not be omitted in the process of installation, at the same time, we must ensure its firmness and safety.

In addition to the above installation precautions, equipment installation must be in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to install, not in accordance with their own way, so it will be easy and not firm. Moreover, it is better to invite professionals to install the equipment and try to install and debug the equipment in place once in order to avoid all kinds of problems in the future operation.
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