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What is the current situation of China's amusement industry?

What is the current situation of children's industry in China? After 30 years of deep accumulation, the children's playgrounds in China are becoming more and more mature, and they begin to move towards the direction of "big". "Big" has the following meanings.

1. Children's playground has a large area. Whether indoor or outdoor playgrounds, the previous dozens of square meters of playgrounds have been upgraded, children's playgrounds have not been opened, Kaize occupies tens of thousands of square meters has become a new normal.

2. Children's playground is rich in recreational items. Tolerance is big, big and tolerant! Large amusement park accommodates a variety of fashionable and novel amusement facilities and amusement projects, allowing players to play hey.

3. Large but not scattered, modern large-scale children's playgrounds have distinct themes. Ocean Paradise, Forest Paradise, Candy Paradise, Zhiyong Grand Pass, Super Trampoline, Water Paradise, Rope Net Paradise, Building Block Paradise, Interactive Projection Paradise, VR Experience Project, etc. Large-scale amusement park equipment manufacturers continue to innovate to create a distinctive theme park.

China's children's playgrounds are so prosperous and prosperous that the number of people investing in large-scale children's playgrounds is increasing day by day. The investment always takes cost into account at the first time. So how much does it cost to open a large-scale playground? Playground equipment price? Which kind of large amusement park equipment can attract the most popularity? Next, Zhengzhou prodigy will tell you about those things about opening a large children's playground.

In order to open a large amusement park, we should first define the market positioning, analyze the number and consumption level of the target customers in the area, and then select the large amusement park equipment that can attract the target customers and suit the target customers according to the survey results. The price of large amusement park equipment is mainly affected by three factors:

1. Site size. 

The larger the area of the playground, the more equipment the playground needs, and the more expensive the equipment is. A children's playground with hundreds of square meters may be equipped with naughty castles and games, while a children's playground with one or two thousand square meters needs some other items, such as super trampoline, millions of ball pools and interactive projection park, to increase the characteristics of children's playground. More amusement items are needed in large-scale amusement parks over 5,000 square meters.

2. Regional economy. 

The demand for large-scale amusement park equipment varies in different regions with different levels of economic development. For example, in first-and second-tier cities, 9 DVR cinemas, mirror labyrinths and other fashionable and technological equipment can attract children most; but in rural areas, these equipment costs are too high, on the contrary, cheap naughty castle, Zhiyong Daguan and other projects are more popular.

3. Equipment configuration. 

According to different economic conditions in different regions, the same type of large amusement park equipment by material, workmanship and other input costs of different quotations are also different. Like Naughty Castle, it can be divided into three different grades: popular, middle-end and luxury edition. Popularization is about 500-600 yuan per square meter; middle-end is about 600-800 yuan per square meter; luxury version is about 800-1200 yuan per square meter.

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